16. Lleida - Alcarràs

The beginning of the last stage of the Way of Saint James Way in Catalunya by the Riu Segre, reconverted to Greenway till Butsènit is nice to make even the hottest days, because it is in the shadow. From Butsènit to Alcarràs there are asphalt and agricultural paths between fruit fields. On hot days should be careful with the sun and dust.

This section has 33 caches (1 regular with geoStamp, 1 small, 24 micros and 7 others. The section is 12,7 Km and you can be done on foot, by bicycle or by car. If you choose drive, you must know that there is a discontinuity between caches CSJ 16-19 and CSJ 16-20. You should go to the main road and re-enter the same side two entries in the section direction.