04. Girona - Amer

From Amer to Girona, we continue the Greenway Carrilet. This stretch of the route, well signposted, offers no possible loss. The climb is gradual, almost imperceptible. Cyclists will be a walk, pilgrims on foot will have to take it easy. The section has good coverage of both mobile and GPS, there should be no problem finding the caches and less with the help of the hints and spoilers. It is a very busy stretch and that leads to geoMuggles has many roaming the area, so you'll have more patience waiting for people to go than find the cache. This section has 55 caches (1 regular with geoStamp, 3 smalls, 43 micros and 8 others). The section is 22,8 Km and you can be done on foot and by bicycle.