14. Cervera - Castellnou de Seana

If even Cervera has opted for the GR-171 instead of following the road N-II, which continues to ride like Tàrrega is marked the chromaticism changing grain crops. The Way of Saint James, nestled in the valley of the river Ondara, it offers wide horizons but agricultural landscapes of great beauty.

The section has good coverage of both mobil and GPS, there should be no problem finding the caches and less with the help of the tracks and photos. For those who want to do it by bike or on foot, take care with the vehicles that can be found on the road.

This section has 55 caches (1 regular with geoStamp, 4 smalls, 39 micros and 11 others. The section is 26 Km and you can be done on foot, by bicycle or by car.