13. Igualada - Cervera

This section consists of 85 caches (1 regular geoStamp, 6 small, 65 micro and 13 other size). The section has a total of 37,7 Km and can be done by foot, on bicycle or by car.

This is one of the longest stages of the Way of Saint James in Catalonia if the pilgrim does not decide to divide it in two days. Almost the entire route pass by rural roads have been paved. In the rise to La Panadella, the old route N-II, nowadays without traffic, there is a stretch of 4 km between Porquerisses La Panadella that must to be walked by the left shoulder of the road. It is not dangerous, but it is recommended to observe minimal rules of caution, as wear reflective clothing or to carry signals that indicate our position to the few vehicles circulating.

It is certainly a stage suitable for cycling, not only due to the outstanding softness, but also due to a recently released track cycling in perfect conditions, with a length of 11.5 km, starting from Sant Genís up to Santa Maria del Camí. Only a strong slope (with ramps near 10%) a kilometer in length, can make less accustomed to having to set foot on the floor. The whole route is very suitable for walking, and motor vehicle can do the entire route, but it's not recommended for crossing Igualada (caches CSJ 13-01 to CSJ 13-04), or to stretch Porquerisses-The Panadella (caches CSJ 13-45 to CSJ 13-54).

This stage takes place in rural landscapes of high beauty, especially in spring when the fields, dotted with forests typically Mediterranean, the undulations of the land stained a bright green. Once left Igualada, on its way to Cervera, the stage cross several villages: Sant Genís, Jorba, La Panadella, Els Hostalets i Sant Antolí, and Sant Pere dels Arquells. It is in urban areas where you can find remnants of the Way of Saint James, as the church of Santa Maria del Camí, o de Santiago, or Sant Jaume Sesoliveres, a little church outside of Igualada.