01. El Port de la Selva - Figueres

This is the first section of Way of Saint James. The distance is 30.5 km. It starts at El Port de la Selva, passes through Sant Pere de Rodes, where we recommend visit the monastery and enjoy the view, Pau; Vilajuïga, famous for its mineral waters; Marzà, Peralada, with its impressive castle and its stork nests; Vilabertran and Figueres.

This section is divided into two parts. The first part is about 13 km from El Port de la Selva to Pau, with a height of 527 meters, whose highest point is Sant Pere de Rodes. Of medium difficulty, must be done on foot and footwear. The second part, from Pau to Figueres, it's 17,5 km. It's flat and can be done on foot, by bicycle or by car. There are sections shared with vehicles. Keep attention between Vilabertran to Peralada. So be careful!

You can find car parks, fountains, bars and restaurants in urban areas (except Marzà) and Sant Pere de Rodes. There are picnic area at Mas Ventós (about cache CSJ 01-19) and Vilajuïga (cache CSJ 01-32). You should bring sunscreen and water, because there are no fountains in the way.

This section has 61 caches (1 regular with geoStamp, 5 smalls, 50 micros and 5 others).