02. Figueres - Bàscara

You can do this section by foot, by bicycle or by car, 4x4 not necessary. We recommend that you park the vehicle at a good place that doesn't obstruct the circulation for find the caches.

We start this way leaving Figueres and we go in the direction of Santa Llogaia d'Alguema. Since the cache CSJ-02-01 to CSJ-02-08 the route takes place at asphalt road, there isn't pedestrian phial. Be careful.

When we arrive at the rotunda which is at Santa Llogaia d'Alguema, we must take the ground way, it is situated at the right. The old Via Augusta takes us to Borrassà. This way isn't asphalt but you can do it with any vehicle. The way will bring us to the cache CSJ-02-13.

We enter at Borrassà's town and across it. In the town you can visit Sant Andreu de Borrassà's church, which dates of the XVII century, of the baroque's style.

Then we leave Borrassà to go towards Creixell, before arrive at the cache CSJ-02-16 it starts again the ground way. When we arrive at Creixell we could see the Santa María de Creixell's church of the XV century.

Since the cache CSJ-02-20 until the CSJ-02-28, the way isn't asphalt but after some meters (150 m) there is an asphalt road. Be careful.

We will follow the diversion in the direction of Pontós. This way will guide us from the cache CSJ-02-29 to the CSJ-02-32. When we arrive at Pontós we will find the Sant Martí's church of the XVIII century. The town tinned remains of a Roman dam.

When we come out of the town we will find a ground's way which brings us to the cache CSJ-02-38 and CSJ-02-39 (we recommend do this caches by foot or 4x4 vehicle because there is a small torrent). We are near Bàscara and we must across the N-II road under the bridge and follow the ground's way that bring us to the town.

According to the season we must be careful because we have to across the river to do the cache CSJ-02-43 and CSJ-02-44. If you can't across the river, you can do these caches by the other side. During Christmas time you could visit the living Nativity scene, which is very famous.

This section has 45 caches (1 regular with geoStamp, 3 smalls, 35 micros and 6 others. The section is 16,2 Km.